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07_kiss Karatbars International GmbH established in 2011 with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany with more than 550,000 affiliates worldwide
▪ KaratCoin Bank, fully licenced crypto bank in Miami FL, USA
▪ KaratCoin Bank offices in Hong Kong
▪ KaratPay payment system offices in Singapore
▪ Customer support in Germany, Dubai, Slovenia and Romania
▪ Credit card service support in Mallorca, Spain
▪ IT offices in Bangladesh and Romania

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04_button Everything about Karatbars, You didn’t know, You always wanted to know

You want to join this trading platform, please register a single account of KaratBars to use in KB Universe Ecosystem. Sign up for free account please “Click here“; Specific instructions for registering a free account “Click here“.


06_button  Speech From CEO Harald Seiz (07/2019)


News about the CashGold, CEMs and IMpulse K1 phone from Harald Seiz


04_button Karatbars Q&A with CEO and founder Harald Seiz


06_button For more details, please register Telegram’s Channel and Group




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